23 Ski Apps You Should Be Using on the Slopes

Why wouldn’t there be an app for skiing in an age when there is an app for everything? While you may not be thinking about your smartphone when on the slopes, it can actually be the ultimate resource if you know which ski apps to download and really enhance your trip. Know you want to hit the slopes but haven’t yet sorted your accommodation, no worries!

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If you want to make the best of your time on the powder, try our top 23 recommendations for ski apps to download.

Ski Tracks – Download Here

Working for both iOS and Android, this app works as a GPS tracker to record and measure your ski data.  Ski Tracks allow you to take a look at your speed while sailing down a mountain and tells you your total distance covered by the end of the day. Worried that the app will drain your precious battery while out on the mountain? Don’t. It runs in the background so you won’t have to worry about going powerless when you might need it the most. It will keep each run separate so that you can compare and contrast too.

Trace Snow – Download Here

This app also works to track your time on the slopes but adds in a whole lot more detail. Users will be able to measure their distance covered, routes taken, various speeds and elevation. However, the app also allows you to keep track of how many calories you burned, airtime and verticals. And if you really want to know, there is a mechanism that allows you to track how much time you actually spent in a chairlift. The app is also connected online so that you can keep track of your progress throughout the season and on different trips.

OnTheSnow Ski & Snow Report – Download Here

Forget about watching the weather report. This app, compatible with both iOS and Android, allows you to check out the snow conditions in over 2,000 ski areas in destinations around the globe. It’s also a place where you can check for discounts and coupons on lift tickets from ski resorts that are nearby. What’s even better? This app will send you notifications when ski resorts first get that fresh powder on their slopes.

Ski Trailmaps – Download Here

Since there isn’t exactly great service on the mountains, this app, compatible with Android, allows you to download maps of the slopes. With more than 1,000 maps available to be downloaded, there is a good chance that the slopes your skiing will be included. It’s a great resource to have just so you know where you are if you get disoriented.

Offgrid – Download Here

It’s not EXACTLY made for skiers but it provides quite a useful service for people who are trying to get away in the outdoors. Setting up this app on your Android will allow you to block all incoming calls and messages so that you won’t be bothered by the outside world on your winter escape. It will even send out an automatic reply so that people trying to get in contact with you will know what’s going on. What’s even better is that the app compiles a little news feed of everything you missed while on the slopes so that you can easily catch up when you’re ready.

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Liftopia – Download Here

This iPhone app makes it easier for you to plan a ski trip on a budget. While it offers snow reports, the app also works to find discounted lift tickets at resorts all over. You can browse deals and plan a vacation that is actually affordable all through the app.

Realski – Download Here

Anyone with an iPhone can get access to this extremely useful app for free. The app allows you to download the specific mountain that you’re skiing and watch it real-time as you navigate down on your skis. It even allows you to geo-tag items like your parked car so that you always know where you’re headed and never get lost. While the app itself is free, it does cost .99 cents per mountain that you download.

Alpinereplay – Download Here

Compatible for both Android and iPhone, this app allows you to track all of the stats regarding your day on the slopes. Find out about your speed, total distance, vertical drop, airtime, time spent on lifts and calories burned. You can use it to keep track of all of your ski trips during the season.

AR – Download Here

See a mountain peak in the distance that looks particularly promising? Instead of wondering what it is and how you can ski it, this app will help you figure it out. Simply take a photo of that enticing looking mountain peak and the app should give you all of the info on how to ski it. Never wonder about what could have been again.

SkiLynx – Download Here

This iOS app allows you to stay connected with all of your ski buddies during the trip. Using detailed trail maps and GPS, the app allows you to find your friends no matter where they are on the mountain. It even allows you to see the grade and difficulty of the areas your friends are tackling and offers an option to send them messages. The app tracks some of your ski data too but one of its greatest assets is the ability to keep you and your friends safe and connected in case anything goes wrong.

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Mountain Hub – Download Here

Another way to stay safe while on the slopes is to download Mountain Hub. Free for iOS, this safety app works to map out the mountain and Geo-tag possible concerns and hazards. It can be used as a planning app, a safety aid, track logger, and navigation app. If you really want to ensure your safety or you are a professional who’s out on the mountain often, this one is a good option to have on your phone.

Epicmix – Download Here


Epimix- Ski apps

Want to get a little bit social on your next ski trip? This app will lend a helping hand. Working with some of the world’s largest resorts like Vail, Breck, Beaver Creek, and Keystone, the app connects you with friends, lets you share statuses about the mountain, and track your distance. It’s a great way to meet up with people that have similar interests when you hit the ski lodge after your big day out. Mix, mingle and also use the app to gain slope “points” and gather all of the professional photos that were taken of you while on the mountain.

Kinomap Maker – Download Here

Working with your Android, this app allows you to have a skiing experience that is similar to Geocaching (leaving little treasures and finding them too.) Using the app, you can make a video on any region of the mountain and then upload it to the map GPS. Once the video is uploaded, other users can see them and try to get to the same destination. It makes the whole skiing adventure just a little more entertaining than it already is.

Snocru – Download Here

Adding a bit of a competitive edge to your skiing trip, this app records data while you’re on the mountain and then uses it to compare the data of your friends. You can measure vertical feet that have been travelled, most runs per day and fastest speed. Stay in touch with your friends while you’re skiing and then compare all of your stats in the lodge over a nice glass of wine afterwards.

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Slopes – Download Here

This app allows you to REALLY track all of the details of your ski trip. It’s especially useful if you want to remember all of the little details for your trip next year. Also, it’s really useful for relaying your journey to friends who want to follow in your footsteps on their own ski vacation. Using this ski app, you can track downhill runs, and ski lift rides, while making notes and taking photos at various locations. Afterwards, the app allows you to use heat maps to replay your runs and even follow in your own footsteps the next time you hit the slopes.

Fatmap – Download Here

Offered for free from the iTunes app store, Fatmap is a 3D skiing map which uses high-resolution satellite images. The GPS-enabled navigation allows skiers to move around the mountain with ease through various perspectives and angles. For those that are willing to pay for the premium version, there are added features like avalanche risk zones, crevasse zones and gradient heat mapping.

Mammut Safety – Download Here

This safety app has been put out by the Swiss mountaineering company in an effort to keep all skiers safe on the mountain. The app offers up bulletins of avalanches and lets users look up the risk levels based on where they are. Also included in the app is a compass, altimeter, clinometers and an option to make an emergency call if needed. Even the display is useful as it shows your location in latitude and longitude.

Rambler – Download Here

This ski app is mostly useful for people who like to keep track of their skiing adventures. It allows users to record everything about their trip including route, distanced travelled, highest point, and average speed. There is even an option to geo-tag videos and audio as well as text and pictures. It’s surely an easy way to remember your ski trips and share them with others.

FIS Live Timing – Download Here

FIS Timing- Ski apps

For those of you who not only love to participate in the sport but also follow the professionals, this app is for you. The app will allow you to follow the races held by the International Ski Federation so that you can see live event scores and scroll through the personal profiles of the athletes too.

Winter Survival Kit – Download Here

Safety is a huge concern for skiers and there are tons of apps popping up to meet the need. Winter Survival Kit is an app that lets users store important phone numbers and emergency contacts as well as policy numbers for roadside assistance and insurance. It even helps you figure out your geographic location in the event that you get lost and has other precautionary features like the “gas calculator” which estimates how long you can run your vehicle engine before running out of fuel; handy if you are off the slopes.

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Ski School – Download Here

You’ll have to pay a small fee for this one but it’s totally worth it compared to how much an actual ski lesson will cost. The videos offered through this app are high quality and provide lessons for even the most beginner of beginners. It will introduce different types of turns, go over equipment, and guide you through various types of runs. There are cue cards and demonstrations that offer a lesson just as comprehensive as if you were being taught in person.

Skifit 8 – Download Here

This app will help you get into the physical shape necessary in order to have a great time on the slopes. It’s led by a clinical expert and physiotherapist who offers up a series of exercises that can be completed in just eight minutes. Workouts can be done in the gym or at home and don’t require any sort of equipment either. Users will be guided through exercises that touch on balance, coordination, core and strength endurance. By the end of it, you should be in tip-top shape and ready for your skiing holiday.

Alert Sound 5 – Download Here

OK, another safety app coming at you. It’s better to be safe than sorry and this iOS app ensures that you have something useful in your back pocket to get your out of a scary situation on the mountain. If you happen to find yourself in distress, the app allows you to send out a message or dial a customized emergency contact. The app even sends out its own automatic alert if it notices a period of inactivity that goes on a little too long.

There are a lot of ski apps out there and all of them function differently. Decide which apps would be most useful for your trip and get downloading. You never know when they may come in handy, and they can really enhance your ski trip if you familiarise yourself with them prior to arriving.

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