Do you like good chocolate? Do you enjoy skiing? Well, you will love Amelia Rope’s latest creation for Selfridges and Consensio.


Amelia Rope has been impressing lovers of luxury chocolate with her oustanding flavour combinations and artisnal touch since 2006. Her mantra has four components; quality, taste, purity and indulgence which are areas which she will not compromise on.

This winter, she has created the most adorable little skis so that you can enjoy your chocolate whilst reminicing about the slopes. The softness of pale lemon blends with delicate notes of sea salt to create a perfect round flavour, and the creation is beautifully presented.

These little treats will be waiting for you on your arrival to your Consensio Chalet. If you can’t wait until then, do go to Selfridges and treat yourself and your ski-loving buddies this Christmas and indulge in a little bit of Amelia Rope à la ski. Wonderful!

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