In days gone by you would have been forgiven for assuming that the only qualification necessary for being a chalet chef was to be called Arabella, Pandora or Lucinda. Back in the day, these charming young girls, who had little interest in whether their sauce was seasoned to perfection, or their souffle was going to rise, would throw together a coq au vin and muster up a cake from a packet mix before dashing off to spend the rest of the day on the slopes. The guests would then be expected to wash this down with vast quantities of undrinkable wine later that evening. Well how times have changed. Being a chef in a luxury ski chalet is a serious business these days, as Consensio Head Chef – Liam Malcomson will have you know.

Liam worked in various top restaurants and hotels in the South West of England for 14 years, where the abundance of french fish and seafood, and unique rare-breed farms in the area fuelled his passion for sourcing local ingredients, and showed him how to get the best out of fresh produce. He developed a style of cooking where dishes are never over complicated and food is kept as clean and honest as possible, allowing the quality of the ingredients to play their part. In 2008, Liam started working in some of the most uber-luxuious chalets in the Alps and the most exclusive villas in St Tropez. Liam is constantly looking for innovative ideas, searching for new ingredients and practising new plate designes. Before the start of each season, his meticulous planning ensures that he will always bring some exciting new dishes to the table. Every new dish is lovingly sketched out so that Liam can get a feel for what it will look like. Ingredients, influences and flaour combinations are carefully considered, and plating techniques are explored to ensure that the desired effect is always achieved. So sit back, relax and allow Liam to whet your appetite and tantalise your taste buds with a selection of the fabulous new creations you can expect to find in our luxury ski chalets this season.

Marinated Salmon with Oriental Salad, Sauteed Scallops and Miso Dressing. 

Line-caught salmon and french scallops are partnered to perfection in this Asian influenced dish. The fillet is marinated whole in a combination of mirin, ginger and yuzu for four hours, making it fragrant and ssweet, while the scallops are sauteed with sesame and soy for a contrasting depth of flavour.

Rack of Lamb

The secret with this lamb is in the timing. Racks of lamb are rubbed with a traditional mix of sea salt, rosemary, thyme and garlic and left overnight. These simple flavours are the starting point from which this dish gets its focus. To complement this dish, a buttery green pea puree infused with fresh mint, adds a richness and comforting texture. Fondant potatoes are cooked in saffron, garlic and chicken stock. Fresh spring vegetables are tossed with a rosemary infused olive oil to enhance the continuation of flavours from the rub. Finally a reduction of lamb stock and Heirlook tomatoes is emulsified with black olives for the jus.

Dark Chocolate Torte

When it comes to chocolate, you get back what you put in. This dark chocolate torte is made with aa high quality chocolate of 75% cocoa solids to ensure the depth of flavour in this dish which is then enhanced by adding Tahitian vanilla and Kahlua to comfort the taste buds as they search out each flavour. Sugared walnuts bring an earthy sensation and a much needed crunch to the texture. The Tonka bean and Kahlua buttersoctch intensifies the vanilla and coffee based notes associated with dark chocolate.

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