As you can imagine, Chalet Managers are VERY busy people at this time of year, but last week we did manage to persuade David Austen-Adams to put his feet up for five minutes, enjoy a well deserved cup of tea, and tell us all about his role as manager of Chalet Boreale in Meribel.

How long have you been a Chalet Manager with Consensio, David?

I am now in my fifth year.

How did you get started in the hospitality industry?

I started working in pubs and clubs in Brighton and found that I really enjoyed the customer interaction.

Do you run a tight ship?

I like to think so. I try to keep everything in order. I truly believe that if everything behind the scenes is in order, the rest will become easier.

What sets Consensio apart from its competitors?

Our attention to detail, and the fact that we pride ourselves on knowing what our guests want before they do!

What makes Meribel special?

The mountains, the people, the atmosphere and the unmatched live music scene.

Have you worked in any other resorts?

I did one season in Val d’Isere, and this is my ninth year in Meribel.

Do you get to ski very often?

I normally ski two or three times a week.

What do you do in the summer months?

I am an onsite Event Manager for a marquee company in the South West of England.

What do you miss about England?

I miss being able to see the sea, and the green countryside.

What is your favourite WOW? *

I have two favourite WOWs. The first is the snowy BBQ in the secret garden near the altiport, where we skied everything needed into place, including a bar and sound system. The guests arrived to find “snofas”, music, food and champagne.

Successfully completing the 40 ft long ice bar with vodka luge and band playing to our guests on the terrace was probably my proudest moment. The weather was touch and go, but when it all came together the guests, staff and band all had an amazing night which finished with fireworks.

What advice would you offer to someone with ambitions to become a successful Chalet Manager?

When you start the role, remember there will be times when you have to do a little bit of everyone’s job. Your role as manager will be reinforced if you are being seen to be helping your staff. The welfare of your staff is extremely important – when things get tough, you need your staff to be happy! Remember to always have confidence in your decisions.

What job would you like to do if you weren’t a Chalet Manager?

The driver’s role would appeal to me – I would enjoy being outside and around town meeting people and generally showing off Meribel to newcomers.

Can you ever imagine doing a 9-5 office job?

No, not at all – and hopefully I will never have to!

What’s the best thing about working for Consensio?

Rarely having to say, “NO” to a guest!

What’s the best thing about your job?

The best thing about my job is being supported by such a great team. We all work very closely together – we love our jobs and we’re always happy, which means that we can give the best possible service to our guests. That’s a very rare thing indeed, and is certainly something to be cherished.

* We like to think of a WOW as a “special treat” for our guests! All guests will experience a WOW moment during their stay with Consensio. Quite simply, we hope it will make them say, “WOW”.

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