If you love skiing, there is a good chance that you hit the slopes at least a couple of times a year. And, while you most likely spend your entire winter holiday with a pair of skis on your feet, you might be wishing that there were more ways to get involved during the off-season. If you have a hearty love for skiing and want more of it in your life even when you’re off the slopes, here are 16 fantastic ski blogs to check out.

1. Luxury Ski Magazine


“Celebrating the alpine lifestyle,” is their motto and this perfectly curated website truly does inspire celebration. This Ski Blog covers everything conceivable to do with skiing, across a large range of topics. They profile ski resorts giving the covering what’s  happening, new developments and amenities. The site offers info on resorts around the world as well as new skiing apps, flight routes to popular skiing destinations, and developers who plan to build up certain well-known mountain towns. They really seem to have the scoop when it comes to ski news too.


2. We Love 2 Ski

 We-Love-2-SkiThis  ski blog wants to help you become a mountain master by offering tips, advice and training that will make you an expert. Their content will give you knowledge of the mountain, gear, and the sport to make you the best skier you can be. Run by three avid skiers who have collectively been to 500 different ski resorts across 22 countries, this blog offers the ultimate insider information. Throughout their careers, they have written about the sport in international and national newspapers and magazines as well as talked about it on TV and radio.

After getting calls from friends for advice on skiing and skiing holidays, they eventually decided to start a blog to help more efficiently. The site is like a one-stop-shop for people preparing for a ski holiday. You can search their ski resort encyclopedia to find a place to visit almost anywhere in the world. They also offer ski resort guides so that you can prepare yourself once you decide where you’re going. Check out their ski tutorials to improve your form, find snow reports and forecasts, learn about the gear, find deals and plan family ski holidays too.

3. Val d’Isere Blog

Val-d’IsereThis renowned ski resort in France has its very own blog and is offering up tons of information about themselves as well as the sport. Their articles offer updates on resort happenings as well as weather reports and specific events. While it does have a blog section for articles, the site is well organized so that visitors can find out all of the information they need while there or making plans to go. Find out about ski areas, passes, lessons and rentals or look into the national park, play areas for families, and wellness activities. The site also gives plenty of details on accommodation options, shopping, bars and clubs, dining, and on site transportation.

4. Ski Club Blog


 Be part of the club, right from your laptop. It’s a non-profit club that aims to be a resource for everyone who loves skiing and snowboarding. No matter what your ability, Ski Club exists to help you plan your ski holiday while saving you money at the same time. While the blog itself may be on the new side, the club was actually founded back in 1903, making it one of the most authoritative sites on the topic. Visitors to the blog will find resort guides, snow and weather reports and a whole backlog of videos that document professional skiers and places of interest. The site is also sprinkled with articles touching on first-hand ski experiences, eco-friendly snow accessories, packing checklists, and how-to guides.

5. The Snow Magazine
Snow-MagazineThis luxury magazine is the place to look for everything in the way of ski fashion, exclusive resorts, luxury ski hotels and insider events. They specialise in resorts located in North America and Europe, offering a breakdown of the highest ranked places to stay, local happenings and luxury amenities. The blog takes fashion pretty seriously too, so if you want some tips on what to wear this upcoming season, this is a great place to start. There are fashion profiles from different countries, reviews of the latest gear companies and their products and upcoming trends. Snow Magazine also offers articles on the latest gear and even lets you shop right through the website. They’ve really got it all as their blog section offers videos, celebrity sightings, conversations with champions, and first-person stories.

6. Mad Dog Ski

Mad-Dog-SkiThe Mad Dog ski team started out in 2004, writing guides to resorts. Wanting to create guides that were both unique and catered to independent travelers, the team started off with just four. Getting into their groove, the Mad Dog team eventually started to pump out quality guides, which ended up turning into a blog. Covering nearly 70 resorts, the site functions to help ski lovers plan their ultimate holidays. With over 3,000 directory listings for resorts, ski schools and gear hire, tools to help you choose your perfect resort, and a whole stock of professional bloggers and reporters, Mad Dog hopes to be the first place you look when planning your next ski getaway. Use their SkiResortWizard to filter all of your needs when looking for a resort from nightlife and advanced slopes to country and resort altitude. The blog also lists deals and discounts that you can use to save money on trips as well as articles that detail weather reports and local happenings.

7. Chemmy Alcott

Chemmy-AlcottThis  ski blog is the place to be if you are a fan of the UK’s greatest female skier. She is a 4-time Winter Olympian, a 7-time British National Overall Champion, has a career ranking of 8th in the world, and the only British skier to ever win the World Cup. To put it simply, she is the best! This athlete is pretty amazing all around too. She hosts events, travels the world, volunteers her time with non-profits and helps to support young women in sports. Following her blog will keep you up-to-date on her personal life from the sex of her baby to which ski resorts she likes the most. Plus, you can check out a whole gallery of photos from her competitions!

8. Fall Line

fall-lineAnother skiing magazine to add to the list and this one is packed with entertaining articles. Their travel section takes you all over the world, introducing readers to new resorts, hot destinations for different ski-related activities and insight on what the professionals are doing on the slopes of places all around the globe. The news section will keep you up-to-date on new races, registration for events, resort announcements and festivals. Readers can learn about contests and enter them to win gear and ski trips. Plus, they have a whole features list that includes weather reports, movies, how-to, interviews, reader adventures and editor notes.

9. In The Snow 

In-The-SnowThe features in this magazine offer fantastic gear reviews, interviews with the top names in the sport, and coverage of some of the world’s best and unknown resorts. Check out their video sections when you want to relax and watch interviews, ski sessions, and tutorials. The news tab offers articles that bring readers the latest in ski accidents, contests, gear releases and community events. Look over the gear guide if you need a little help in choosing a pair of boots, which type of skis would suit you best, how to wear protective gear and which accessories make the most sense to get. The site offers a whole section dedicated to competitions, snow reports, resort guides and interviews with professionals.

10. Planet Ski

Planet-SkiThe goal of Planet Ski is to inform skiers and snowboarders about mountain life and give them a little entertainment in the process. They pride themselves on providing raw information and the unbiased opinions of real writers and skiers. They leave out the luxury jargon and focus on the stuff that really matters. The founder and the magazine’s writers are all seasoned skiers themselves, bringing only the realest of mountain life to the readers. The site is also a great resource as it allows readers to shop, get help planning their ski holidays, learn about discounts, understand gear and watch entertaining videos.

11. Skiing Magazine

Skiing-MagazineOne of the most beautifully designed blogs on the list, this magazine is full of articles that exude the ski culture. There are stories from skiers themselves, interviews, recipes, tales of adventure, ski-town politics and photo galleries. What really sets this blog apart is the culture aspect which really focuses on what ski bums care about the most. The site profiles places to eat, noteworthy distilleries and crazy stories from the people who actually experienced them.

12. Simply Piste 

Simply-PisteThe easy-to-digest blog pieces on this site cause a browse session to become pretty addictive. Articles here will give you the run-down on the top ski resorts in Europe, what to look for when buying a new ski jacket, the importance of ski socks and how to choose between the top helmets on the market. Visitors can shop for gear right on the site, learn about top news stories, get skiing and equipment advice, watch videos and learn the pros and cons of taking ski holidays in different destinations.

13. Powder

PowderThey consider themselves an alternative to the uptight ski magazines out on the market. Powder focuses on how to add more skiing into your life, no matter what your level. The story section of the magazine covers up-and-coming skiers, travel tips and personal accounts of living the mountain lifestyle. Articles also include interviews, bar and resort roundups, and summaries of big ski events. Visit their gear locker to learn about the latest and greatest in the stores and use their location tab to find ski destinations all over North America. Visitors may also stumble upon Powder TV and Powder Radio which offer plenty of entertainment for any time of the day.

14. Snow Slang

Snow-SlangMaybe one of the most unique blogs on the list, this one is all about the lingo that surrounds the skiing and snowboarding world. It’s a multimedia library that lists and defines all of the slang and language used in the sport. Each term is defined with the help of photos and videos as well as links so that you can understand no matter how confusing the term. While the glossary section will certainly keep you busy for a while, you can also check out the blog for articles on new gear, stories from skiers, and a whole list of skiing books that may be useful during downtime in the lodge on your next skiing holiday.

15. Open Snow 

opensnowThis site is run by a team of weather reporters who are committed to giving you the most up-to-date status of the snow. They profile resort happenings and news while showing the forecasts for each destination. They want to help you plan your perfect trip so the site features a powder finder that allows you to see exactly where in the U.S the best powder will be and when. You can pretty much always guarantee the best weather conditions if you give this site a check before making any ski plans.

16. Lorne Cameron Ski Blog

Top16 Ski Blogs to Check Out - cover imageThis Glasgow native is a dedicated skier who is not so much of a ski bum. He has traveled all over the world to find the best powder and eventually founded Boax Clothing Company in 2006. His blog is full of personal photos and stories that chronicle his life and dedication to the sport so that readers can get an inside view of what the lifestyle entails. Each story depicts a new location that is perfectly described to not only inspire but to also give readers a guideline for visiting these destinations. Visitors can find articles from 2017 all the way back to 2013 to see what sort of adventures he has been on over the years. Plus, there are articles that talk about gear as well as mountain biking and other random encounters that the ski life brings.

It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for in a ski blog, because one of these is bound to offer it! Pick and choose, bookmark your favourites and set up alerts for when new articles go up. You can use them as resources for planning your next ski holiday or just for entertainment and even inspiration as you look forward to your next time on the slopes. And if you need some breathtaking accommodation for your next trip, check out our range of beautiful, award winning ski chalets.

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