Surrounded by the most picturesque mountains in the world, it is easy to be passionate about looking after our beautiful planet. However, it is no secret that going on a ski holiday can have a big impact on your carbon footprint. Both we and our teams believe in making the necessary changes to make this a better place for future generations to enjoy. As such, the whole company is dedicated to finding ways to make our ski holidays as eco-friendly as possible, while still maintaining the luxury of a bespoke Consensio experience.

Within our chalets, we are making big changes as part of our commitment to become as eco-friendly as possible, with the mantra of recycle, reuse, reduce. As of 2019, all Consensio chalets and apartments are removing single-use plastic water bottles. We are giving each and every guest on a Consensio holiday a stylish reusable double-walled stainless-steel water bottle to fill with natural spring water from the peaks of the French Alps. We are also reducing the single-use glass bottles of water in our chalets by offering guests the choice of fresh still and sparkling local mineral mountain water to be served in large glass bottles at the table. In addition, we use only reusable shopping bags and provide recyclable, biodegradable paper straws for our delicious homemade cocktails.

Our wonderful staff are all fully trained in local recycling policies and waste is separated by hand and recycled. Not to mention that all of our guest invoices, rental agreements and staff employment paperwork is sent and signed electronically, significantly reducing the amount of paper used. At the end of every ski season, all unwanted ski clothing and ski equipment from both staff and owners is collected and sent to be reused by our chosen ski charity Disability Snowsport UK (DSUK).

We source our incredible fresh produce from local independent sellers where possible, allowing us to invest in the local community. As such we provide fresher and better-tasting ingredients and reduce our carbon footprint as a company. From our delicious cheeses and fresh bread collected by hand from the nearby fromagerie and boulangerie, to the vegetables sourced from the local farmers’ market, to our meat and fish bought fresh from neighbouring butchers who are supplied directly by nearby Savoie farmers, we believe in supporting our neighbouring small businesses in the Alps and serving locally sourced ingredients.

A number of our chalet owners have invested in ozone technology to enable your pools and hot tubs to be completely chlorine-free, including chalet Grande Corniche in Les Gets, and chalet Marco Polo and Lhotse in Val d’Isère. The natural freshwater oxygen process provides a non-toxic, healthy and environmentally friendly alternative. In addition, lightbulbs across our chalet and apartment portfolio are undergoing a programme of rapidly changing to energy-saving bulbs.

According to The Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook, if one million people worked from home only one day a week, it could eliminate three million tons of CO2 each year. As such we pride ourselves on employing the majority of our full-time staff on a work-from-home basis. Based throughout the UK and France, we all enjoy the freedom of working flexible hours from home offices with a great work/life balance across the whole team.

Challenging ourselves to look at the impact of every aspect of the business means that we are helping the environment bit by bit, making for a greener and happier world.

Eco friendly La Ferme de l'Adroit, Val d'Isère

La Ferme de l’Adroit – a local farm to our Val d’Isère chalets and apartments

Eco friendly pool in chalet marco polo

The chlorine-free, eco-friendly pool in chalet Marco Polo.

Here at Consensio, we’ve made a commitment to becoming as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. So if you’re looking for a ski holiday with a company that cares not only about you but also the environment, please view all our luxury catered chalets here, and our alpine self-catered apartments here, and contact one of our dedicated sales directors on +44 (0) 203 393 0833 or via email at sales@consensiochalets.co.uk

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