Consensio Chalets' Carbon Action Plan

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Consensio Chalets’ Carbon Action Plan

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In a world facing a climate crisis, the urgency to address the environmental impact of our actions has never been greater. Consensio Chalets recognizes the challenges we all face due to the increasing temperatures caused by greenhouse gas emissions. The consequences are evident, including more frequent and severe natural disasters, rising sea levels, receding glaciers, and biodiversity loss. We must take immediate steps to reduce our carbon footprint and share our journey towards a more sustainable future. Here is Consensio Chalets’ Carbon Action Plan:

Gorner Glacier 2009 vs 2022

Left: University of Salford students on an Alpine glacier visit in 2009 looking toward the tongue of the Gorner Glacier. Right the same view in 2022. Neil Entwistle.

Measuring Our Carbon Footprint

One fundamental principle of effective carbon reduction is the ability to measure and understand our current emissions. Without accurate data, we cannot manage our environmental impact. In the 2022-23 period, we meticulously measured our carbon footprint, which amounted to 358,047 kilograms of CO2e. It’s essential to note that this was a slightly higher figure than the previous year, mainly due to the addition of two extra chalets.


A 6% Reduction, but More to Do

consensio carbon action plan 2023

While we’re proud of having reduced our emissions by 6%, we acknowledge that much work is ahead of us. Our total carbon emissions are divided into three main categories: Properties and chalet experience (88%), Staff Business Travel (8%), and Our HQ and everything else (4%). Our average carbon footprint for an occupied week in 2022-23 remained relatively similar to the previous year, at 1,473 kilograms of CO2e. We believe that holidays are important for recharging and discovering new places, but we are also aware that they come with a carbon footprint. It’s our responsibility to minimize this impact not just this year but every year to come.


Our Commitment: Net Zero by 2035

Consensio Chalets has set ambitious targets to reduce our carbon emissions. Our Net Zero strategy aims to decrease emissions by 90% by 2035, although we hope to reach this milestone even sooner. We have aligned our climate targets to keep global temperature rise below 1.5°C, as the world is currently on track for over 3°C of warming.


What Does Net Zero Mean?

consensio carbon action plan 2023

Our Net Zero strategy focuses on reducing climate-damaging emissions by more than 90% by 2050 at the latest. To achieve this, we are committed to decarbonizing all sectors of our business, including our events, business travel, and trips.


Our Path to Net Zero

How are we going to achieve Net Zero? It starts with measuring and reducing. Each year, we will continually measure our carbon footprint, using the results to pinpoint strategies for further reductions. As new methodologies, targets, and regulations emerge, we will learn and adapt our plan. While we don’t have all the answers, we are committed to continuous improvement.


Getting Geeky with the Data

We understand that every aspect of our business leaves a carbon footprint. Working with experts like ecollective, we’ve identified the following breakdown of emissions in some key areas:

  • Working from home emissions: 4,757 kgs of CO2e
  • Property electricity emissions: 51,662 kgs of CO2e
  • Property gas emissions: 2,448 kgs of CO2e
  • Vehicle emissions: 23,507 kgs of CO2e
  • Seasonal staff travel emissions: 35,386 kgs of CO2e
  • Purchased goods emissions: 5,493 kgs of CO2e


Breakdown by Scope


consensio carbon action plan 2023

For the environmentally conscious, we’ve categorized our carbon footprint into three scopes:

  • Scope 1: 7%
  • Scope 2: 12%
  • Scope 3: 81%

Progress to Date

We are committed to transparency and will share our successes and failures as we progress on this journey. This year, we have achieved the following milestones:

  • Reduced electricity consumption at some of our chalets.
  • Started staff training on the climate crisis.
  • Began the process of reducing single-use plastic items.

The Plan: Three Key Actions


The data we collected about our carbon footprint has given us the insight needed to take action. Here are three specific actions we are implementing to reduce our carbon emissions in the coming year:

  1. More Staff Travel by Train: In 2024, we plan to have all seasonal staff travel home by train where practical, reducing the carbon footprint associated with travel.
  2. Reduce Electricity Use in the Properties: We will set property thermostats to company standard temperatures in all rooms and spa facilities, and to vacant standard temperatures when no guests are present, reducing unnecessary energy consumption.
  3. Reducing Coffee Emissions: By switching to suppliers that source ethically produced coffee with zero-waste packaging, we aim to reduce emissions associated with our coffee consumption.

Behind the Numbers

The extensive work to measure our carbon footprints, identify areas for reduction and create our Carbon Action Plan was carried out in collaboration with carbon consultancy ecollective. With their expertise, we are confident in our ability to continue making positive strides towards a more sustainable future.


The climate crisis is real, and immediate action is required. At Consensio Chalets, we’re dedicated to reducing our carbon emissions and working towards a Net Zero future. Our journey will involve continuous measurement, adaptation, and an unwavering commitment to improving our environmental impact. We invite you to join us in this effort and to reach out for more information about our Carbon Action Plan. Together, we can make a difference for our planet. Read more about our sustainability initiatives here.

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