Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Courchevel and Méribel

Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Courchevel and Méribel

Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Courchevel and Méribel 1500 938 Helen Orford

Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Courchevel and Méribel

When it comes to high-altitude fine dining, there are few places in the world that could claim to compete with Courchevel and Méribel. With 14 Michelin stars spread across the valleys – fine dining experiences in these resorts are a sublime combination –  the most exquisite food made against the exquisite backdrop of natural alpine beauty. Whether you’re looking for traditional French cuisine, or more avant-garde offerings – the sheer concentration of culinary excellence in the Savoy Valley means you won’t be left wanting. We’ve compiled a list of all the Michelin Starred restaurants you can find in Courchevel and Méribel.

Le Chabichou – 2 star (Courchevel)

Le Chabichou is a renowned two-Michelin-starred restaurant located in the heart of Courchevel. It offers an exceptional gastronomic experience with a blend of traditional and innovative cuisine. The restaurant is known for its elegant ambience and refined dishes crafted by talented chefs using the finest seasonal ingredients.

Exterior of Chabichou, covered in snow

Le 1947 – 3 star (Courchevel)

Le 1947 is a prestigious three-Michelin-starred restaurant situated in Courchevel’s Cheval Blanc hotel. Led by chef Yannick Alléno, this culinary gem offers a unique and exquisite dining experience. The restaurant showcases exceptional flavors and techniques, with an emphasis on reinventing classic French cuisine using modern touches.

Interior of Le 1947


Le Farçon – 1 star (Courchevel)

With an intimate and inviting atmosphere, Le Farçon offers an exceptional dining experience that seamlessly blends tradition and innovation. Led by a highly skilled chef, the restaurant showcases a menu that celebrates the rich flavors and ingredients of the region, incorporating both classic and contemporary culinary techniques. Each dish is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted and presented with artistic flair. From the warm and attentive service to the exquisite flavors and stunning presentation, Le Farçon embodies culinary excellence, making it a must-visit destination for discerning food connoisseurs seeking a memorable gastronomic journey in Courchevel.

Steak on a plate at Le Farcon restaurant


Le Montgomerie – 2 star (Courchevel)

Le Montgomerie is an esteemed Michelin-starred restaurant nestled in the prestigious ski resort of Courchevel, located in the picturesque French Alps. With its elegant and sophisticated ambiance, Le Montgomerie offers a remarkable dining experience that combines culinary mastery with breathtaking mountain views. Under the guidance of a talented chef, the restaurant presents a menu that showcases refined and inventive dishes, utilizing the finest seasonal ingredients sourced locally and internationally. Each plate is a work of art, expertly crafted with meticulous attention to detail. With exceptional service, a remarkable setting, and an exquisite menu, Le Montgomerie is a destination for gastronomic aficionados seeking an unforgettable dining experience in Courchevel.

Glasses of wine on a table at Le Montgomerie


Sylvestre Wahid – Les Grandes Alpes – 1 star (Courchevel)

Sylvestre Wahid – Les Grandes Alpes restaurant, located in Courchevel, is an exceptional dining establishment known for its exquisite cuisine and stunning mountain views. Helmed by the renowned chef Sylvestre Wahid, the restaurant offers a gastronomic journey that combines culinary expertise with the finest seasonal ingredients. Wahid’s innovative and artistic approach to French cuisine creates a harmonious blend of flavors and textures, resulting in a truly memorable dining experience. With its elegant ambiance and impeccable service, Sylvestre Wahid – Les Grandes Alpes restaurant is a destination for discerning gourmands seeking a remarkable culinary adventure amidst the breathtaking beauty of the French Alps.

Food on a plate at Sylvestre Wahid's restaurant, Courchevel


Baumanière 1850 – 1 star (Courchevel)

Baumanière 1850, located in Courchevel, is a prestigious restaurant that epitomizes luxury and culinary excellence. Nestled in the heart of the French Alps, this esteemed establishment offers a refined dining experience that showcases the finest French gastronomy. Led by a team of talented chefs, Baumanière 1850 focuses on using high-quality, locally sourced ingredients to craft exquisite dishes that celebrate the flavors of the region. The restaurant’s elegant and sophisticated atmosphere, combined with impeccable service, creates a truly memorable setting for indulging in a world-class culinary journey. Whether enjoying a romantic dinner or celebrating a special occasion, Baumanière 1850 provides a captivating ambiance and an extraordinary gastronomic experience that delights the senses.

Wine glasses on a table, the outside terrace at Baumaniere

Le Sarkara – 2 star (Courchevel)

Le Sarkara, located in Courchevel, is an exceptional restaurant that offers a unique fusion of French and Indian cuisine, inspired by the culinary traditions of renowned chef Vineet Bhatia. Situated in a picturesque alpine setting, Le Sarkara provides a captivating dining experience with its elegant and contemporary decor. The menu showcases a creative blend of flavors, spices, and textures, taking guests on a culinary journey that seamlessly combines the best of both culinary worlds. From aromatic curries to delicate French pastries, each dish at Le Sarkara is meticulously prepared and beautifully presented, reflecting the chef’s passion for culinary artistry. With its warm ambiance, attentive service, and an exquisite menu, Le Sarkara promises an unforgettable dining experience for those seeking a harmonious blend of French and Indian gastronomy in the heart of the Alps.

Hotel Strato


L’Ekrin – 1 star (Meribel)

L’Ekrin is an exquisite Michelin-starred restaurant located in Méribel, offering a refined and exclusive dining experience. Situated within the luxurious hotel, Le Kaïla, the restaurant impresses with its contemporary design and sophisticated ambiance. Led by a talented chef, L’Ekrin showcases seasonal menus that highlight the finest ingredients through artistic presentation and intricate flavors. Guests can indulge in multi-course tasting menus, accompanied by an extensive selection of wines from the cellar. With its Michelin-star status, L’Ekrin is renowned for its exceptional cuisine, impeccable service, and unforgettable gastronomic journey in the heart of the French Alps.

Person pouring sauce onto a dish at L'Ekrin


Please note that Michelin-starred restaurants can have varying opening hours and availability, so it is advisable to check their websites or make reservations in advance when planning to dine at these establishments.

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