6 Inspiring Women in Skiing You Need to Know About

In the lead up to International Women’s Day, we have run a blog series over the past 6 months that has focused on celebrating women in skiing. Not just your elite athletes but any woman who has a passion for skiing that has either consciously or unconsciously made a positive contribution to women in sport.

From journalists, Olympians, adventurers, mothers and the everyday woman who just loves clipping into her skis to explore the magic and wonders of the mountains, feel inspired this international women’s day by these six women and the remarkable stories they have to share.

March’s woman of the month – Clare Meaney >> A Series of Unfortunate Events 

February’s woman of the month – Anna Maxwell>>  An Unforgettable Meeting with Anna Maxwell

January’s woman of the month – Emily Sarsfield >> A Winter Olympian 22years in the Making

December’s woman of the month – Chemmy Alccott>> Britain’s Greatest Ever Female Skier

November’s woman of the month – Felice Hardy>> Inspirational Women Come in All Shapes and Sizes

October’s woman of the month – Katie-Jane L’Herpiniere>> This Girl Can


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