The Ultimate Guide to Dining in Les Trois Vallèes

The Ultimate Guide to Dining in Les Trois Vallèes

The Ultimate Guide to Dining in Les Trois Vallèes 1091 819 Helen Orford

The Ultimate Guide to Dining in Les 3 Vallèes

The iconic Les Trois Vallèes in the French Alps is world renowned on many fronts. Beyond the obvious appeal of skiing, this picturesque high altitude domain is home to 21 Michelin stars shared amongst 12 restaurants. A feast for the eyes and palate, this concentrated plethora of gastronomy attracts as many foodies as it does skiers.

To help you navigate the culinary trail through the 3 Vallèes, we’ve created a guide to ‘Dining Amongst the Stars’. Included in this are our personal favourites and If gastronomic cuisine is is not your style, then perhaps something off the beaten track is, so we’ve offered up some quirky experiences that are worth the adventure!

For those interested in combining skiing and food, Consensio offers a variety of Dining Experience Packages that can be tailored to your specific interests and requests. Just inquire with concierge upon booking your chalet or find out more information here>>  

Dining Amongst the Stars

La Bouitte: Meilleur ***-  Saint-Martin-de-Belleville

Contact: +33 (0)4 79 08 96 77

Chefs: René and Maxime Meilleur

Menu: €149 – €315 | | Example Menu>>

Opening Hours: Weekdays lunch & Dinner

René et Maxime Meilleur, La Boutitte, 3 Vallèes“This is my favourite restaurants and is where I chose to celebrate my 40th. It’s hard not to fall in the love with La Bouitte’s story.  The passion this father and son team inject into every dish is undeniable and the cosy family home setting unifies the whole experience. I have dined there many times and each time it has always exceeded my expectations” Ceri Tinley (Consensio Managing Director)

La Bouitte is a passionate labour of love. Built from scratch by self-taught father and son – René and Maxime, every meal tentatively plated represents this duo’s shared journey for almost 20 years.  Nestled in the mountain hamlet Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, in the heart of Les Trois Vallèes, La Bouitte has justly been awarded 3 Michelin stars. A cosy farmhouse setting, it is best described as a higgledy-piggledy mish-mash of this family’s history and passion for culture and food. The exciting and tantalizing menu never fails to disappoint. With an emphasis on natural and locally sourced ingredients, it is a spectacular and creative showcase of Savoyard culinary heritage. To truly experience the wonders of La Bouitte, why not stay the night in the guest house and retire to a private luxurious retreat following an evening of indulgence.

Le 1947*** – Courchevel 1850

Contact:  Tel: +33 (0) 4 79 00 50 50

Chef: Yannick ALLENO

Menu: €147 – €450 | Christmas Menu – €550 | New Year’s Menu -€795

Opening hours: In season only. Tuesday to Sunday dinner only. 7.30pm – 10.30pm.

If we talking stars, we have to begin with Le 1947 at Cheval Blanc; headed up by the king of gastronomy Yannick Alleno voted best French Chef by his peers in 2008. In the intimate restrained setting of the Cheval Blanc Hotel, a limited number of guests are welcomed each evening to immerse in a skilful display of culinary art. Yannek and his team orchestrate a gastronomic experience beyond compare. Respectfully honouring French tradition with creativity and finesse, with every detail on the plate carefully contemplated. This is most notably captured in a repertoire of superbly balanced sauces. 


Le Chabichou** – Courchevel 1850

Chefs: Michel Rochedy and Stéphane Buron

Contact: +33 (0)4 79 08 00 55 

Menu: €75 -€275

Open: In season only. Closed Tuesdays. Lunch: 12.15 – 1.45pm | Dinner: 7.15-9.30pm

A firm favourite for our guests, Le Chabichou is located within close skiable proximity to our ski-in/ski-out chalets in Courchevel, Le Namaste & Shemshak Lodge. Beautifully described as a “temple of gastronomy”,  Le Chabichou’s head chefs, Michel Rochedy and Stéphane Buron’s, are an artist in the truest sense. Their inventive cuisine demonstrates audacity and originality. Taking inspiration from near and far, the finest ingredients are carefully sourced and balanced to create the purest of flavours. Le Chabichou’s creative cuisine is accented by a seductive atmosphere of raspy slate, raw wood and animal skins offset by warm the crackle of an open fire.

Le Chabichou, Courchevel 1850

Les Airelles** – Courchevel

Chef: Pierre Gagnaire Contact: + 33 (0)4 79 00 38 38

Menu price: €140-395

Opening hours:  In season only. Monday- Friday. Dinner Only: 7.30 -10pm

Pierre Gagnaire pour Les Airelles located just off the Jardin Alpin Piste was the first restaurant in Courchevel to be coveted with two Michelin stars.  A glamorous and sumptuous dining experience, Chef Pierre Gagnaire has 3 stars under his belt and has presided over the team at Les Airelles Palace for the past 4 years. The grandest of settings, the dining room is offset by jewel-toned silk curtains, Hermès tableware, and Saint Louis chandeliers. Creating what can only be described as edible art, Gagnaire’s refined creativity will excite the most discerning palates. Faithfully paying tribute to traditional bourgeois cuisine, diners will become acquainted with  Gagnaire’s unique mark of authenticity used characterises every dish.

Le Kintessence* du K2- Courchevel 1850

Chef: Jean-Rémi Caillon 

Contact:  +33 (0) 479 40 08 80. 

Menu: €160 to €300

Opening hours:  Evening 7.30pm – 10pm, Tuesday- Sunday.  

Jean-Remi Caillon and his innovative team will intrigue diners with the skilful unity of unexpected flavours; delighting and surprising palates in a celebration of seasonal alpine produce.. Elegant and evocative, Jean-Remi’s cuisine is progressive and imaginative, beautifully capturing the mountains he holds so near. The finale of this gastronomic affair is a dessert extravaganza crafted by Executive Pastry Chef, Sebastien Vauxion,  transcending diners to an alternate sweet universe!

Le Kintessence du K2 - Courchevel 1850

Le Baumanière 1850* Courchevel 1850

Chef: Jean-André Charial 

Contact: +33(0) 4 79 41 51 60 

Menu: €160 -€220

Opening hours: In season only & closed Sunday evening. Open lunch & dinner.

Head Chef of the renowned L’Oustau de Baumanière in Provence, Jean-André Charial and his team, also run the one Michelin starred restaurant Bamanière 1850 in Courchevel, located in 5-star boutique hotel Le Strato. With a distinctly Mediterranean flavour, the menu subtly reflects its breathtaking alpine setting. Jean-André Charial plates each dish with elegance and precision, playing with colour to create a vibrant and visual spectacle. Show-stopping specialities include Saint-André sweet onions, Jerusalem artichokes and black truffle. Leg of lamb with anchovy pinned pike, gratin dauphinois. Mont Blanc, confit and jelly of clementine and candied chestnut ice cream. Be sure to take advantage of the lunchtime express menu, which offers an affordable Michelin dining experience that can be squeezed in between runs.


Le Montgomerie** – Courchevel 1850

Chef: Gatien Demcyzna 

Contact:  +33 (0)4 79 01 46 46 

Menu: €185- €300

Opening hours: In season only & closed Saturday. Dinner only: 7.30 -10pm.

A stone’s throw Courchevel Altiport, Le Montgomerie is located in the decadent K2 hotel and is named after the climber who gave K2 is moniker. Surrounded by a close-knit team, the extraordinary mind of Gatien Demczyna balances an irrefutable marriage of flavours meticulously composed on the plate like a fine artwork. Impeccable service completes the experience within the cosy realms of an intimate alpine dining setting.  Quoted by the Michelin inspector “Le Montgomerie this is a dining experience that offers “ A magnificent view over the summits to go with food that also reaches for the skies!”Le Montgomerie - K2 Hotel - Courchevel 1850

L’Azimut* – Courchevel Le Praz

Chef: François Moureaux 

Contact: +33 (0)4 79 06 25 90

Menu: €40 – €100

Opening hours: In season only. Closed Monday lunch & Wednesday dinner.

The success of this unpretentious and humble restaurant lies in the homely family atmosphere that has been paired with delectable gastronomy. L’ Azimut is a winter retreat for François Moureaux and his team who spend their summers at their second establishment in Jura. Situated at 1300m in Courchevel Le Praz, enjoy moderate priced Michelin dining that has descended with the altitude. Serving delicately inventive but simple cuisine, quality sourced ingredients are allowed to speak for themselves in modern fresh dishes that will satisfy the most critical of palates. Specialities include poached oysters, potato mousse with curry and yellow wine. Féra du Lac Léman, nutmeg butter, cauliflower and Mornay sauce with Beaufort. Perfect génépi, mandarin cream and chocolate sauce. The €40 three-course lunch is an incredible value and is worth the ski down the mountain, however, booking is essential!

Azimut: Courchevel, La Praz

Les Explorateurs* – Val Thorens

Chefs: Romuald Fassemet T et Josselin Jeanblanc

Contact: +33 (0) 4 79 000 999

Menu:  €69 – €100

Opening hours: In season Only. Serving dinner 7.30pm – 9.00pm

Acquiring a Michelin star with the first year of opening,  Les Explorateurs is located in the Pashmina hotel in Val Thorens and is headed up by the powerhouse duo  – Romuald Fassenet and Josselin Jeanblanc.

The 2 chefs have joined creative forces to cultivate an intrepid and ingenious menu filled with heart. Unveiling layers of flavour in every dish, diners will adventure on a  culinary exploration of taste which is offset by the dramatic mountain setting.

With every table different in its decor, Les Explorateurs’ cosmopolitan cuisine is a feast for the eyes, dancing on the colourful tables before it does the palate.

Chocolate Dessert: Les Explorateurs, Val Thorens

Le Farçon* – La Tania

Chef: Julien Machet

Contact: ++33 479 088 034 

Menu: €40 – €110

Opening hours: Open everyday for lunch & dinner: 12pm-1.30pm & 7.30pm -9.30pm

Hands down my favourite restaurant in the 3 Valleys. Delicious food, beautiful setting and unpretentious service that is not laden with a heavy price tag. You immediately feel relaxed yet an element of surprise always awaits with every course.  It is definitely worth going out of your way for. (Mishca Burn, Consensio Operations Director)

Julien Machet studiously learnt his craft under the guise of Jean-Pierre Jacob, before taking over the family restaurant. An ode to Savoyard heritage, Le Farçon is characterised by warm rustic timbers and a generous greeting, affirming its popularity as a favourite amongst locals. Awarded his first Michelin Star in 2006, Jean-Pierre Jacob’s philosophy to get out of the kitchen to source ingredients shines in Julien’s passion and respect for his produce. Breathing a new lease of life into recipes inherited from his grandmother, Julien’s diners embark on a beautiful culinary journey where every mouthful is filled with sentiment and emotion.

Gastronomy: Le Farcon, La TaniaL E’Krin* – Méribel

Chef: Laurent Azoulay

Contact: +33 (0) 4 79 41 69 35 

Menu:  €95 – €240

Opening hours: Dinner Only: 7pm – 9.30pm

Méribel’s only Michelin starred restaurant, L’ Ekrin holds its place as an unforgettable dining destination. Draped in elegant black velvets offset by hues of gold and warm timbers, this inviting atmosphere will immediately make you conjure a sense anticipation of what is to come. Enjoy an aperitif by the fire in cosy an armchair as the piano plays in the background before retreating to the restaurant to savour Laurent Azoulay’s magical creations on a plate. Paired with excellent wines, his charming cuisine takes inspirations from the mountains reflecting, whilst also aspects of his time spent in Provence.

Laurent Azoulay: L'Erkin, Mèribel, Les Trios Vallèes


Themed Dining Experiences

Whilst not the Michelin heights of the restaurants detailed above, these sought-after alpine experiences reinforce that a special dining experience is not just about the technical balance of flavours and the execution of artful presentations. Time, location and the shared company bare equally significant weight on memorability.

Inuit Evening – Courchevel

Contact: + 33 479 2216 

Prices:  €175 -€245 per person *Maximum booking 35pax

This entirely private service begins with a snowmobile trek around the main ski area. Trading in your motorised transport for a toboggan next is a beautiful ride in the wilderness where nestled in the woods you will arrive upon a dimly lit Yurt glowing in the snow. Step inside to be greeted by Champagne and a lively and buzzing atmosphere. Dine on local specialities that include Savoyard salad, fondue, raclette, charcuterie and a chocolate fountain with fresh fruit skewers. As the wine flows the will mood will elevate and the Genepi will make an entrance. When the evening draws to close, feeling the warmth of the evening’s festivities make the final descent back to your chalet for good night’s rest.


First Tracks Sunrise Breakfast – Saulire, Méribel

Cost: €24 per person

Contact: + 33 (0)4 79 00 42 38

Meeting Spot: 8am Mottaret centre

Days of operation: Wednesday ( *Last tracks €15 Tuesday & Thursday)

Sometimes the simplest of things are the greatest. Hit pause for a moment and climb above the clouds to 2,738m at the top of the Saulire to watch the sunrise over the Saulire. Enjoy a modest breakfast at Les Pierres Plates restaurant, with a warming hot beverage, fresh OJ, bread, pastries and fresh fruit. Then be the first to carve tracks on the perfectly groomed Aigle piste as you head downwards back down towards Mottaret. We guarantee this will be €24 well invested!

 MOUNTAIN SUNRISE: First tracks breakfast experience




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