As winter approaches it’s always good to have a cocktail recipe (or two!) on hand for those chilly days when nothing else will do! Here are our top 5 suggestions in descending order.

5. Spiced Irish Coffee

Whiskey AND coffee, what’s not to love? A great way to get a cold winter’s day off to a fantastic start!

irish coffee

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4. Cranberry Martini

Looking for some holiday cheer? Shake up a batch of these delicious Cranberry Martinis (aka Crantinis). Surprisingly simple to create and a guaranteed party favourite!

cranberry martini

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3. Earl Grey Hot Toddy

Easy to create, delicious, and perfect for staying warm on a cold winter’s day…

earl grey hot toddy

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2. Sparkling Apple Cider Sangria

Cognac and Cava, what’s not to love? Sangria isn’t just for summer anymore! Try this recipe to celebrate the upcoming snowy season.

winter sangria

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1. The Consenski 47

Award-winning Consensio chalets have partnered with the award-winning gin brand Monkey 47 to bring you this exclusive cocktail created bespoke by a specialist Monkey 47 mixologist. This unique recipe is such a closely held secret that you can only taste it in a Consensio Chalet during the 18/19 winter season, or at Albert’s at Beaufort House private members club throughout the month of December. This delicious winter warmer combines Monkey 47 sloe gin and a selection of top-secret ingredients to create a flavoursome drink that oozes Christmas charm. This one-of-a-kind cocktail has been specially designed and carefully created to be drunk either warm or cold, at your request. Try both and let us know which way you prefer your ‘Consenski 47’. Tempted to try it in a Consensio chalet? Click here to find your chalet for the most memorable winter holiday you’ve ever had.

consenski 47

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