Infographic: Luxury Chalet Verse 5 Star Hotel.

There are numerous factors to consider when booking a luxury ski holiday. Upon choosing where to ski, one of the most significant decision is your prefered style of accommodation. Getting this right can be the underpinning of either a good or bad experience. Obviously, good snow is the other essential ingredient… but if this year’s record snowfall is anything to go by, finding quality snow in any part of the Alps is a sure thing!

In this blog, we take a look at the luxury ski market and contrast the advantages & disadvantages of staying in a luxury catered chalet verses a 5* hotel. The word luxury has become an elusive and overused term, lending itself to describe a wide range of quality and style. Therefore, to begin, we will share our understanding of what we think a “luxury” experience should entail.

At the heart of any luxury holiday, be it a winter ski escape or summer beach break, there are three essential factors: Destination, Service & The Client. We work in a unique profit-share arrangement with the owners of some of the most desirable private residences in the French Alps. Our small portfolio is a curated selection of the finest luxury chalets handpicked to be in France’s top ski resorts. Each chalet is unique in design, featuring an abundance of desirable features that range from hot-tubs and mountain-top infinity swimming pools to cinemas, wine cellars and cheese caves!

A spectacular destination is one thing but the determining factor that sets a good tour operator apart from the masses is their service. If you were to thoroughly research the details of most luxury ski holiday packages, the prescriptive nature of what is on offer would quickly become apparent. However, true luxury should not be prescriptive, it is both personal and subjective –determined by the individual. As such, the service Consensio offers is entirely client-led and every detail is tailored to match the unique needs and preferences of our guests. There are no time constraints, no meals times or set-menus. Expect no hidden after-costs… because unlike most tour operators all house drinks are included in the booking price. This includes everything from a boutique Gin & Tonic, an alcohol-free botanical Seedlip cocktail or glass of free-flowing Perrier Jouet Champagne! Ultimately, our guests make the rules and we help them curate the very best experience.

So how does the luxury chalet experience, or at least the Consensio chalet experience, differ to the 5-star experience of a top alpine hotel? And is the chalet experience suited to everyone?

Without a doubt, an authentic ski holiday experience is characterised by the cosy alpine setting of a chalet. Nothing quite compares to a welcoming open fire, some snug slippers to slip your feet into and a home-away-from-home ambience. Depending on the size of the property, chalets tend to be more suited to the needs of families and larger groups. A couple might find that a self-catered luxury apartment or 5* hotel is better suited to their needs. As the price per head of a chalet with a dedicated team of 5 or more staff may seem a little for just 2 people. It is also important to remember that whilst a luxury chalet may be fully catered and staffed, they do offer not a 24-hour service. Your dedicated team will need to revive and rests for the day ahead. Of course, guests are always welcome to grab a snack or make a drink at any hour.

Perhaps better than written break down of the pros and cons of a luxury chalet verses a hotel is an infographic. This infographic compares the World Ski Award winner of Best Ski Chalet in France 2016Mont Tremblant, and a well kno5-star hotel in the heart of the resort.

Infographic: Luxury Chalet Verse 5 Star Hotel.


Download this infographic here>>

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